Intel caves in on LTE front

At his question and answer session at the Intel Developer Forum this morning, CEO Paul Otellini bowed to the inevitability of LTE being a real power in the coming years.

Of course Intel bought the wireless arm of Infineon a few weeks ago and that was a tacit admission that LTE will have to live together with WiMAX.

Otellini said that because Intel’s forte was in integrating wireless into silicon it was logical for it to be able to support LTE as well as WiMAX.

In his keynote, Otelli said that WiMAX now supported 800 million nodes, but just a year or so back, Intel was still sticking to the line that LTe wasn’t really its bag.

That flew in the face of the rest of the industry, which is firmly behind LTE as the future standard for for billions of devices.

It is a rare defeat for Intel, which had pushed like mad for WiMAX to be adopted.  Earlier this year, Taiwanese vendors and the Taiwanese government had urged the chip giant to reiterate its support for WiMAX.