Intel buys wireless patents from Aware

Intel has decided that it is falling behind in the race to collect as many wireless patents as possible.

The patents are becoming increasingly important in the game of patent trolling which is blighting the IT industry.

Intel is apparently worried that someone might have a go at one of its trusted assets in the future and has bought shedloads of patents from Aware which is a Massachusetts-based DSL signal processing specialist.

The patents cover fields such as WiFi, LTE and wireless home networking.

According to Macworld the deal is more or less done and is just waiting regulatory approval.

Aware has 74 full-time employees and with Intel’s business it managed to triple its annual cashflow.

Intel seems to be buying up patents like crazy over the last few days. It recently said it had bought out supercomputer maker Cray’s interconnect department for £86 million. That move included not only IP but 74 Cray employees moving to Chipzilla.

It seems that either Intel is planning a patent war of its own, or its oracles have predicted a big one coming.

The method of engagement for a patent war is basically like a card game. The two sides hold all their patents. One side puts down one patent and the other side matches it. The winner is the one with the most cards in their hands at the end. They then sue claiming losses on the patents they have left.

It is all very silly and not really based on innovation. After all, a big company like Google and Intel can afford to buy a lot of patents without actually inventing anything.