Intel buys Telmap

Intel continues attempting to boost its mobile portfolio. It has agreed to buy a company called Telmap, which works with navigation and location services on mobile.

A post from Intel’s bog reveals little other than Chipzilla managing to keep its reputation as an Omerta-like, in an entry titled “welcoming Telmap into the Intel Family [sic]”.

Telmap is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel, it says, and Chipzilla hopes it will boost what it’s capable of in the mobile software services arena.

For the end user, it seems Telmap provides cross-platform location apps. It’s good news for developers within the Intel community too, it claims. Developers will be given access to location services for different devices, operating systems and architectures. 

Intel boasts that the level of location app TelMap will provide is something that we haven’t seen so far, and that there will be “new advanced capabilities with just a few lines of code”.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.