Intel and Nokia OS MeeGo shown off

The fruits of an open source partnership between Nokia and Intel have been shown off in a couple of official YouTube videos from the Intel Developer’s Forum.

MeeGo, a mash-up between Nokia’s Maemo and Intel’s Moblin UI, was first announced at the Mobile World Congress earlier in the year. It is an operating system built on Linux and which will be shared with the open source community.

In the video below, MeeGo 1.0 is shown off on a netbook, with the user interface appearing to make social networking and other media applications simple to access from the home screen.

In another video it shows MeeGo is shown working on a number of devices. As well as running on a netbook it also showed how MeeGo could work connected to a TV, with the netbook synchronised to show the content on a large screen. 

It was also shown to work on a mobile phone, where you could also view the content from the netbook as it was also synchronised. The final example was of a vending machine running Meego which recognised the mobile phone’s identity using RFID and where a user could download an electronic coupon.

The demonstrations were certainly impressive, showing that MeeGo had the capability of running on different low powered devices as well as have all devices using MeeGo being totally aware of what each other was doing.

The companies say that MeeGo ‘builds upon the capabilities of Moblin core software platform and reference user experiences, adding the Qt UI toolkit from Maemo’. 

What this means exactly is unknown, but developers will soon know, because at the end of last month Nokia and Intel declared that they were starting on an effort to share the MeeGo OS with the open source community.