India's DoT ready to give up on Blackberry

At last, India’s Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has given up on Blackberry – saying it cannot track about 15 communication services including Gmail and other email services.

Nothing new was decided at a high-level meeting where India’s top security officials were present. The DoT understands the only option would be to build technologies for intelligence agencies for monitoring and interception purposes.

It was pointed out by the DoT that in most countries, intelligence agencies build their own monitoring and interception capabilities, where feedback is provided by telcos. But, the Home Ministry has asked the service providers to ensure their services can be tracked on a real-time basis.

DoT sources said: “The DoT has come to a conclusion that to track blackberry services and intercepting encrypted communication, security agencies must build capabilities of decrypting the intercepted communication. The ball is now in the Home Ministry’s court as it has to decide whether to ban such communications now.”

The services listed by the DoT were video chats, internet telephony calls and push emails on high-end handsets.

A recent statement from the Press Information Bureau (PIB), India, reads: “The government is engaged with Research in Motion (RIM), the provider of Blackberry services, to find out a solution for the interception and monitoring of messenger chat and enterprise email using Blackberry phones.”

Blackberry maker RIM prefers to remain silent, declining to comment. But we do know it’s tearing its hair out.