India gives 4G to Qualcomm at last

The Indian government has granted its 4G broadband spectrum to Qualcomm nearly two years after the US chipmaker paid $1 billion in an auction.

However it looks like the government has cut its spectrum usage period due to a delay in getting an internet service licence.

The Indians grant radio wave licences for 20 years. But the telecoms ministry cut the validity of the spectrum by 18 months and asked the company to roll out services in three and a half years. Other 4G winners were given five years.

However, despite that being unfair, the telecoms ministry pointed out it was still better than  the company had to deal with before.

The government had initially rejected Qualcomm’s application for an internet service licence needed to use 4G spectrum.

Still Qualcomm is unhappy because it was not responsible for the delay in getting the internet license, adding the delay was caused by the ministry’s objection to its application.

According to Reuters it is consulting its legal briefs toconsider any and all options.”

Qualcomm won the 4G spectrum for four of India’s 22 telecoms zones in a 2010 auction.