Icecream sandwich leaked online

Images of an unreleased new version of the Android, codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich, have started to appear online.

The leaks first surfaced on Android enthusiast site Android Police. Sadly it looks like those who thought the latest version of Android would be a radical departure from Gingerbread are going to be a little disappointed.

The slides show minor tweaks such as blue accents in the user interface, a redesigned version of the notification bar and Google’s “Shopper” app. Nothing to force you to junk your Gingerbread phone, or queue around a shop for a couple of months to buy.

Android Police suggests there’s more to come that the pictures don’t show. According to its deep throats the newest version of Android will include a “panorama mode” for the phone’s camera, a new app launcher and application drawer and additions to Google’s “Shopper” app that allow NFC-enabled devices to use touch-enabled features.

It is about time that we started to see Icecream Sandwich. Google is supposed to release a new version of Android approximately every six months. Since Honeycomb appeared in February, August is about the right time.

The leaked pictures show a Nexus S running the purported new version of Ice Cream Sandwich, a deep throat told Android Police that the first device to receive the new build will be the Nexus Prime. This is a rumored smartphone yet to be acknowledged by Google.