IBM thinking of buying at least a broken bit of RIM

IBM is considering buying the troubled mobile phone maker RIM’s enterprise division.

Bloomberg, which has two deepthroats in IBM, said the company made an informal approach for the enterprise business that operates the servers used for supporting BlackBerry email and messaging services.

However, the source was clear that no talks were underway yet. This might be because of under the leadership of new chief executive, Thorsten “Beans Meanz” Heins, RIM has started a strategic review that could include a potential sale and partnerships for its technology.

RIM has not yet received any offers for its phone business or for the whole company. What it appears is that IBM is notifying Heins that if he starts to sell anything, he should give Big Blue a tinkle.

IBM has lots of good reasons to buy the troubled company’s enterprise set up. Not only does it have some interesting patents, but the system would sit well with most of IBM’s business packages.

Another potential buyer, Samsung, has said it has not even considered acquiring RIM or licensing the embattled BlackBerry phone maker’s new mobile operating system.

The outfit was linked to RIM when an influential analyst said he felt tremors in the force and thought it would be a good idea. It appears the tremors might just have been the calamari he had for lunch.