HW Technology lawsuit attacks Apple, RIM over smartphone search

Texan firm HW Technology has hit a long list of major companies, many of which operate in the mobile sector, with a patent lawsuit over the use of IP technology in handsets.

The suit, put forth at the District Court for the Northern District of Texas Dallas Divisions, takes on Apple, RIM, HTC, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola among a mass of others, due to an alleged infringement of a patent filed in 2004 and issued in April 2009.

The patent refers to a software platform in an IP phone that is able to be used with “different communication infrastructures such as broadband, wireless communication and Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) service”, or more generally, smartphones, with Apple’s iPhone and Blackberry’s Torch specifically mentioned.

It also covers software which is able to provide functionality such as “searches and advertising, given its ability to converge voice and data within a single terminal”.

Furthermore the patent, ‘Internet Protocol (IP) Phone with Search and Advertising Capability’ covers the use of a memory unit and processor to enable contextual searches particularly relating to receiving advertising offers on the handset and then completing a transaction without having to make a phone call.

The defendant firms, which also include vendors and advertisers such as Google and Amazon, are accused of “making, using, offering to sell, selling or importing products and methods that utilise, in whole or in part, a multi-convergence device having a domain specific application that allows such transactions to be made”.

HW Technology has requested that all of the firms targeted in the lawsuit pay damages and costs alongside ceasing from continuing with products and services that it deems to be in violation of its patent.

It is not thought that David Icke is particularly fussed about the patent dispute though he is believed to have once enjoyed owning a Nokia 3210 in the late nineties.