Huawei expects a 4G killing

Huawei, which has had a few run-ins with the US government of late, expects revenue from its 4G mobile network business to double to $4 billion in 2014.

David Wang, president of Huawei Wireless Network, told reporters in Shanghai that revenue from the overall wireless market to total $12.9 billion next year, up from $11.7 billion this year.

China is obviously its biggest market having awarded 4G licenses to China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom Corp which is expected to benefit Huawei and ZTE Corp.

Even with the US saying no to its technology and the EU starting to drag its feet, over security issues, it seems that Huawei is cleaning up in the rest of the world. It recently announced contracts in Ethiopia and New Zealand.

The company is also coming up with some significant 4G technology of its own. Yesterday it announced that it was deploying carrier aggregation technology via live, commercial TD-LTE, with speeds reaching 160 megabits per second Mbps; or 20 megabytes per second. That technology seen on Optus’ 4G Plus network in Australia.

But it is starting to look as if the Chinese are unstoppable outside the US and EU where Cisco has paranoid governments on its side.