HTC says sorry over Eclair delays

HTC has told users that it “regrets that there have been delays” to the launch of its promised Android 2.1/Éclair update.

Eclair was supposed to be an improvement to its Hero handset and some owners were pretty peeved.

Not that it was late so much, but more that HTC was not telling anyone when it was coming, if ever.

Now HTC has dropped an email into TechRadar explaining the delay.

It said that the Éclair’s integration on the HTC Hero took longer to develop than anticipated.

The outfit said that it was committed to meeting customers’ demand for this update and it was sorry it was taking so long.

The announcement has actually raised more questions than it answered. The HTC Legend and Desire are both happily running Eclair.

For those who came in late, Eclair Android 2.1 update brings shedloads of sexy stuff for Android including Google Maps Navigation support. It has been out since November 2009, meaning most people assumed the update was imminent.

Many thought March, then April, and then HTC sheepishly confirmed it will be happening in June.

Still it is a bit better than Apple which never tells you anything and then if a hack gets a story about your prototype it calls the cops to raid his house when he isn’t home and confiscate his computers.