HTC reassures world it's OK in Apple case

Apple’s war against the rest of the ecosystem and any competition whatsoever keeps trundling on. This time Cher Wang’s HTC has plucked out a spokesperson to publicly say Apple hasn’t a snowball’s hope in heck.

Unfortunately for the unfriendlier sounding Formosa Petrochemical-backed HTC, industry watchers are saying it’s quite the other way around. Intellectual property expert Florian Mueller says it’s not a matter of if Apple wins over HTC, “but when”.

It’s all gone Jack Tong – HTC North Asia’s president. He declared at a press conference in Seoul, reports the Korea Times, that “we have no question that HTC will definitely win.” He continued: “HTC is waiting for a final ruling from the US International Trade Commission and the ruling will be on our side. HTC will be more active in defending our intellectual properties.”

The case, like with Apple’s fierce gnashing at Samsung, is landmark. It signifies Apple’s intention to stamp out the competition from alleged copycats, and if it is successful once it is likely to be successful again. 

Rivals will suggest that Apple is trying to lock out competition which will, in the end, stamp out innovation and damage the consumer. But Mueller is skeptical. He said, speaking to TechEye: “Like almost every litigant, Apple makes demands that are probably overreaching in some areas, but a company like HTC clearly hasn’t contributed anything particularly meaningful to innovation in wireless devices and the related software.”

Mueller says the law suits are all part of Apple’s grand plan. “I don’t think Apple just wants to delay competing products or impose small amounts of royalties,” he said. “There are major strategic interests at stake and anyone infringing Apple’s intellectual property will pay dearly not only in terms of license fees but also in terms of restrictions that Apple will try to impose.”