HTC puts its own head in the cloud

Here comes HTC’s updated cloud Sense service – with the acquisition of Seattle’s Dashwire.

Dashwire makes Dashworks, which mostly lets you tinker with customising your smartphone and accessing your content through different devices and services.

Dashworks supports other OS’s like Symbian and Blackberry so the lifeline of support for those other platforms isn’t clear.

Still, as with everyone else who has their head in the cloud, HTC recognises it’s worth holding onto. HTC claims it really wants to expand on, which tipped up last year but hasn’t had that much done with it yet.

On top of the personalisation options HTC wants to have a platform where you can view all your stuff on different screens, as long as they’re HTC screens.

Of course, since Dashwire is going to become a wholly owned subsidiary, with it comes a patent portfolio and valuable intellectual property. Which, if you’ve been reading the news, is something HTC is rather interested in right now.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.