HTC Legend available to pre-order

HTC is launching a full-scale assault on the smartphone market, with Vodafone announcing that UK customers can pre-order the HTC Legend from it exclusively.

Orange also announced that it was another British mobile phone operator to carry the HTC Desire, joining companies like Vodafone and T-Mobile with its very own ‘black edition’.

The HTC Legend handset carries a 3.2 inch AMOLED HVGA display with an enhanced HTC Sense experience, running Android 2.1.

It will also carry Vodafone 360 apps as well as the access to the Android marketplace. It runs on a 600Mhz processor, as well as pretty standard now HSPDA 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity. 

It launches on 2 April, and you can get it for free by tying yourself to a 2-year contract, about standard in the world of ‘signing your life away with a mobile phone contract land’.

The HTC Desire is spec-wise identical to the Google Nexus One, but with added HTC goodness such as its ‘HTC Sense’ functionality.

The Android-based devices were premiered at Mobile World Congress, and with the hype from the blogosphere and decent reviews will certainly ensure that the phones make an impact on a market dominated by *a certain device*.

The HTC Hero was also a device which has done well, showing that Android has now well and truly arrived for those bothering with high-priced contract binding smartphones.