HTC is torn between two lovers

Maker of smart phones HTC is playing a devilishly smart game with sworn enemies Microsoft and Google.

Wanting to be at the cutting edge of everything it has been a little slow to stop using Microsoft’s dinosaur mobile operating system but at the same time running some of the first Android phones.

Chief Executive Peter Chou told Reuters today that he loves both companies and no one should make him choose between them.

Chou said his commitment to Microsoft has never changed. It is still the outfit he married all those years ago. However Android is just that fraction new, dashing and a bit sexy.

“Of course, we are very committed to Android as well. We are very long-term committed to those two.” Of course loving both of them is breaking all the rules.

HTC announced two Android phones and one Microsoft phone thie week as well as a budget smartphone, the Smart, based on neither Microsoft nor Google software but a chipset from Qualcomm .