HTC hosting heavy NDA London briefing

The iPhone botherer that is HTC is holding an event at the Haymarket Hotel, London, right now.

When we first got in touch with HTC, we were told that we were mistaken – there’s nothing going on today. After a few more nudges we were told that there’s a “small pre-briefing” not an “event” happening but we’re not quite sure what the difference is. 

Anyway, a reliable source tells us, in his own words, HTC has “NDAd it up to the arsehole”. What’s going on?

There’s a few likely suspects, we reckon. The timing – especially for a pre-briefing – would be perfect for HTC’s Windows 7 phone. Windows 7 will launch to much fanfare this coming Monday, the 11th. Engadget leaked earlier this year an HTC model that shows off a 3.7 inch SLCD touchscreen and a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, making it a Windows friendly version of its top selling Android range. 

Another possibility, and we saw this on SmartPhoneGurus, is that it’s something to do with the HTC hub – which has just gone online, but it’s supposed to launch along with the HTC Desire HD and the HTC Desire Z. We guess there’s something to this, too. Is HTC revealing the Desire HD or Desire Z at Haymarket? Here’s the link to the shots of, credit to Boz at SmartPhoneGurus, below. 

The next is less likely. We’ve reported on leaks of the Desire successor, the dual-core smartphone codenamed Glacier, which HTC has said will be out by the end of the year. Though if it does come out toward the tail end of the year, we’d expect it around the Christmas marketing push.

We’re going with some announcements on the Desire HD, the Desire Z or with a Windows 7 phone announcement bringing up the rear. We welcome any correction, or embargoed details, from HTC.  

*Update We have confirmed that it is a phone announcement, but we’re not sure which one. We’re expecting more information next week… when Windows Phone 7 will have launched! Hmm.