HTC has another crack at the tablet

Taiwanese mobile maker HTC is having another go at elbowing its way into the tablet market, despite not having much luck in the past.

The company tried unsuccessfully to enter the tablet market in May of 2011 with the HTC Flyer. It was at turkey and production was cancelled before the end of the year. Another HTC tablet, the Jetstream was greeted by a yawn and a scratch of the neither regions earlier this year.

Now, according to Mashable, HTC is having a comeback attempt with another unnamed tablet.

Apparently the people in HTC have finally worked out that it is pointless having a tablet unless you have a “unique selling point” which makes it different from everyone else’s. The only difficulty is that no one is saying what this “unique selling point” is, only that it is a selling point and it is pretty unique. That could mean anything from having a device to remove the stones from horses’ hooves to a special package of services.

HTC is better known for its smartphones, but has been feeling the pressure of competition from other producers, including Samsung and Motorola. HTC recently slashed its Q2 revenue prediction by 13 percent.