HTC Glacier dual-core smartphone details leaked

Details of HTC’s planned dual-core processor smartphone have been leaked, with some speculating that it will start a mobile war to produce faster handsets.

The new phone, which HTC has said will be out by the end of the year, is to be called the HTC Glacier, and it will reputedly run at least three times faster than the fastest HTC phone currently on the market, which can only be achieved by a dual-core model, according to AlienBabelTech, the source of the leak.

Not many other details have been uncovered yet, and HTC refuses to comment on what it deems to be speculation, but reports suggest it will have an 800×480 screen resolution.

It is also believed that Qualcomm’s new dual-core Snapdragon processors will be the ones HTC is using, since Qualcomm has been shipping samples out to partners, including HTC, since June of this year. HTC already uses 1GHz Snapdragon processors in a number of its models, including the highly-successful HTC Desire.

With Google set to release Android 3.0 in October with a 1GHz processor as minimum, we are sure to see more of its partners pumping out beefier devices to meet the OS requirements. In fact, both HTC and Motorola have announced 2GHz processor phones by Christmas, setting the stage for a smartphone speed war in 2011.

One of the problems that has been raised, however, is the lack of battery technology to make proper use of more powerful processors. Most current smartphones hog battery power, even those with weaker processors, so progress in one aspect of mobile technology must be met with progress in other areas too, primarily the battery.

Speed is a big factor in other areas of technology, such as desktop and laptop computers, but it has not taken off to quite the same extent in the smartphone market. Apple has just recently pushed things up to 1GHz on its iPhone 4, with older models housing processors significantly slower. HTC got 1GHz phones out long before the new iPhone and it looks set to continue to raise the bar for speed for some time to come.