HTC EVO out in summer

Sprint and Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC said the HTC EVO will be available sometime Summer in the US of A. The EVO runs on Android 2.1 and packs a lot of shenanigans, such as an 8MP camera, HD video capture, voice-to-text and even hotspot functionality.

Users will be able to hook their laptop or iPod to the EVO and access the net via Wifi, using the EVO as an access point. Apparently up to eight devices can be hooked up to the EVO.

Alas, those devices won’t actually be using the real 4G to surf over the internet. HTC’s EVO uses WiMAX, which is not 4G. In the arena of mobile operators and handsets, 4G is LTE (long-term evolution), the successor technology to UMTS. Auctions for LTE frequency spectrums are currently underway in various European countries. Germany will auction off the 790 to 862MHz spectrum on April 12.

Sprint is advertising its WiMAX network as 4G, which is a bit misleading. Clearwire is currently constructing the network. Sprint holds the majority of shares in Clearwire.