HTC capitulates to Apple's thermonuclear patent war

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s face is “is afire with scorn, anger, hate, revenge, triumph” after HTC has surrendered to Apple’s lawyers.

Cook continued the Blitzkrieg “thermonuclear” started by his predecessor Steve Jobs who woke up one morning and decided he had invented the rounded rectangle.

HTC was poorly equipped to stand against the Apple onslaught and its share price was suffering as investors feared that it would go under.

Under the 10 year armistice agreement, HTC is forced to acknowledge that Steve Jobs invented the rounded rectangle and is expecting a jolly big cheque. Depending on who you talk to, the reparations agreement is between $5 and $20 per handset.

HTC said that the deal, which lets the company use Apple patents on its devices, would not have a material effect on its profit-and-loss account.

The war lasted for 32 months in Europe and the US. Apple had succeeded last year in temporarily blocking US imports of HTC Android phones, choking its sales.  It was expected that the ITC ruling in Apple’s favour was about to be released next week.

Benedict Evans, smartphones analyst at Enders Analysis, told the Guardian  that the HTC deal would lead to a collapse of resistance against the Mighty Forces of Jobs’ Mob.

He thought that the per-device licensing payments may put a floor under the prices of Android smartphones in the west.

Apple and HTC would not disclose details of any payments written into the peace deal. Nor will anyone confirm that the armistice agreement was signed on rounded rectangular paper.