HP TouchPad Go starts to appear

The maker of expensive printer ink –  HP has been showing off its HP TouchPad Go tablet to reviewers.

While it is not clear if the WebOS tablet will ever see the light of day, webOS Nation got its hands on one of the very few 7-inch TouchPad Go.

IT said that the Go is simply just a smaller version of the TouchPad, though it has a 1023 x 768 resolution and runs on webOS.

It also comes with a removable cover with soft-touch coating which minimising fingerprints on the 7-inch screen.

Also, on the plus side, the beast has a removable battery, 32GB of storage, a 3G radio and a five-megapixel camera and LED flash.

But the dark satanic rumour mill suggests that HP is never likely to release the tablet having been bitten by the failure of its larger relative.

HP started to sell the Touchpad for $99 in a bid to clear it from its warehouses. The TouchPad Go was slated to appear around the same time as the larger model, but it failed to reach the production stage when the company decided to kill off all devices running on the doomed webOS.

But some also seem to think that the firesale proved to HP that the WebOS has a chance if it is flogged cheaply and therefore the Go might actually get released. Although the Verge  has spotted some going up on Ebay.

We would not hold our breath for this one. HP has lost a lot of money on the TouchPad and it is unlikely to want to “go” back for more.