HP to flog refurbished Touchpads on eBay

The maker of printer ink which is more valuable than human blood is about to flog off shedloads of its TouchPads again.

This time HP plans to sell its Touchpads for $99 on eBay. Apparently it has loads of refurbished ones sitting out the back which it wants to get rid of to make way for something which can make it money. We don’t know what HP has in mind, but given its current situation we would have thought the distribution of heroin might be looking fairly attractive.

The Touchpad fire sale did create a lot of excitement that the tablet never managed to when it first hit the market, and it was widely seen as value for money.

It’s a little strange that they have chosen to flog their goods through an eBay auction over the traditional retail sale.

According to Electronista, the eBay auction starts on 11 December at 6 PM. Each punter can walk off with two tablets each. HP is not saying how many units will go on sale.

The refurbished models will be available on a first come first served basis, for the same price as last time: the 16GB model will be available for $99 and the 32 GB version for $149.

There is also a $79 accessory bundle which will also be available, which includes a case, charging dock and wireless keyboard.

Word on the street is that HP is not finished with WebOS, which powers the tablet. An HP executive claimed that the development team is still working on long-term projects to continue improving the OS.

There has been one WebOS update, despite plans to discontinue products made with it.