HP decides it will sell a tablet after all

The confused and confusing Hewlett Packard, following the sacking of SAP action-man Leo Apotheker, has performed another u-turn.

Ann Livermore, executive vice president and HP faithful, claims that the company will be making a tablet.

Eweek Europe’s Peter Judge got the scoop at the Canalys Channel Forum in Barcelona.

Livermore confirmed that the PSG sell will only happen if it makes the spin-off stronger. WebOS is doomed, it was muttered, but there will still be a tablet.

Livermore said the reason HP announced the doom-and-gloom was because plenty of people were aware of it and it was sure to leak anyway.

In her words, courtesy of eWeek Europe, “We chose to announce it, because we were getting input from too many people to keep it confidential”.

There’s further confirmation from a separate source from HP at eWeek Europe, here