How to fix a broken iPhone 4 with a rubber band

Apple fanbois are undismayed that their expensive  iPhone iFlaw for right handed people is shipping broken.

Instead they are working out ways to get around the design problems forced on them by the genius and latter day saint Steve Jobs of Cupertino.

For some reason Jobs designed a phone which can only be used by right handed people who are holding it the right way.

When asked if he could fix the problem, Steve petulantly told users to hold it the way they are told and stop moaning.

Now iPhone blogger Oliver Nelson crafted a clever DIY iPhone 4 bumper solution out of one of those rubber wristbands.

Basically you stretch a wristband around the edge of your iPhone and cut a hole with a Stanley knife, you can cut holes for the headphone jack, mute switch, and dock connector.

Nelson claims his reception is substantially better after having wrapped his new iPhone in this “ugly but functional abomination”.

It does mean that Apple is cheated out of the cash it would make flogging ‘bumpers’ for the iPhone iFlaw, which is a good thing. However we do wonder why more people are not sending the thing back and demanding that Apple provide a phone which “just works”.