Hookers prefer to use a Blackberry

The oldest industry in the world favours RIM’s Blackberry over competitors like the gaudy iPhone or geeky Android. “To clients,” a report from a top sociologist suggests, “this symbol of professional life suggests the worker is drug- and disease-free.”

Blackberry is the bizarre token of professionalism. It walks calmly past the iPhone, which is a symbol of consumerism and Angry Birds, managing somehow to exude working cool. Why? Is it the tiny little keyboard? And why do hookers favour the dinky device? We asked Blackberry but it has not replied.

Unfortunately Blackberry’s communications team isn’t keen on discussing the implications and impact of the smartphone in the world of prostitution so we’ll have to speculate. According to a report, published in Wired by sociologist and professor at Columbia University Sudhir Venkatesh, RIM’s Blackberry is empowering to prostitutes. Sex workers worry about getting robbed by Johns all the time – so we’re probably talking older models here rather than the jumped-up app party that is the Torch. 

In a chart called “Sex Worker Mobile Device Usage,” it is revealed that prostitutes prefer the Blackberry in their legion. Seventy percent own one of the devices, while 19 percent plump for the iPhone and 11 percent have another kind of smartphone. 

The infographic suggests that sex workers always carry two mobile phones on their person. “Guys sometimes grab a woman’s mobile to gain a sense of power and control,” says Venkatesh.  But mobiles with any form of real contact information are a no. Xobni will find no opening in the niche lady of the night market.  

Meanwhile weekly gossip newsletter Popbitch confirms that manufacturer RIM has got rid of its unfortunately named career portal, RIM.jobs. It can now be found elsewhere, but we’re told the Canadian powerhouse still owns the domains RIM.us and RIM.me.