Hiphone 5 goes on sale in China

The Tame Apple Press (TAP) is incandescent with rage that a Chinese manufacturer has profaned the mighty trademark of Steve Jobs and released a phone called the Hiphone 5.

If you believe Reuters, it should be illegal to release clones of products which have not even been released by Apple yet.

What perhaps the TAP is the most upset about is how cheaply you can buy the Hiphone 5. While most Chinese are expected to sell their kidneys to buy an iPhone, the ‘hiPhone 5’ is selling for as little as 200 yuan ($31) on China’s top e-commerce platform Taobao. You have to pay at least four times that amount to get a more “genuine” knock off.

The ‘hiPhone 5′ is based on leaked images of the yet-to-be-launched iPhone 5 and is thinner and with less rounded edges than the existing iPhone 4. But what Jobs’ Mob failed to realise is that the leaked design looks startlingly like a plastic toy and more like pirated mobile phones. This made it a lot easier for the pirates to flog their products.

There has been a bit of a campaign on the web targeting China for flogging knock off Apple products. There was a great shock amongst the Apple fanboy community when a fake Apple Store was discovered in Kunming. While it flogged real iPhones the outfit had not been officially blessed by Apple. As one blogger pointed out, it was a bit like a Satanist selling pictures of Pope John Paul II in St Peters.

Apple is going to flog its iPhone 5 and it will make all the existing smartphones redundant and means that the Chinese will have to flog their other kidney to get one.