Here comes a smarter watch than Apple’s

iType SmartwatchThe iType Smartwatch has an intelligent, extremely fast keyboard interface in a wrist-worn device. With iType, you not only receive messages, but most importantly, can type a response and run any Android app directly from your wrist. Kickstarter and Pepcom’s Mobile Focus served as its launching platforms with Ryan Ghassabian showing off the working product, writes Darleen Hartley.

Historically, the developing company, SnapKeys, invented state-of-the-art keyboards with a unique approach only to discover that QWERTY ruled the typing world. Through its subsidiary, Type Time, SnapKeys is taking its avant garde techniques to the mobile arena using that QWERTY design. It should prove disruptive.

Consider what one reviewer said of competitor Apple’s move into the smartwatch field: “The Apple Watch was a first generation product with bugs, quirks and confusions.” Look out Siri, there’s a better way. Even a whispered message isn’t as private as one that can be typed. No longer do you have to depend on voice recognition that doesn’t always recognise what you want to say. iType displays your developing message clearly on the watch face before you transmit it.

Six large buttons represent the three key rows of the familiar right and left hand QWERTY board. A few taps on the intuitive watch face quickly develops sentences ready for transmission. Other easy operations will make this strapped on device a must have. Simply pressing a button brings up a camera immediately ready to capture any unexpected, transient image.

Time counts and the fast, predictive app that drives the keyboard is a technique to be reckoned with, all on an Android device. If Apple wants to go head to head with iType’s keying capabilities, the industry headlines may be filled with court cases yet again, since all SnapKeys’ technologies are protected by a significant number of globally filed patents.

IType operates with both Wi-Fi and SIM cards. It lets you choose from all the apps available on Google Play. Surf the net, check your health stats, use GPS to find that new restaurant, mark a special date on your calendar, answer phone calls, and even listen to music via the device on your wrist. You can leave those other cumbersome devices at home.

Technology is inclusive: a dual core A7 processor, Android 4.4, a high-resolution 240 x 240 color display, 1G RAM, 8G ROM, Wi-Fi, GSM and WCDMA phone, camera, mic and speaker, Bluetooth, water resistant, all delivered in seven principal languages. Put that smartphone back in your pocket or purse. Conveniently carry the only, always at hand … uh, wrist … device you need.

Want one? Until June 11 on Kickstarter, the early bird price is only $184 USD. Once the $100,000 project is fully funded, the price will be $235, one hundred clams less than the cheapest version of Apple Watch.

Check iType out on Kickstarter.