Handset pricewatch service offered by China's Cosoft

Chinese based Cosoft is looking to expand its mobile phone price intelligence services having landed at least one major mobile phone manufacturer as a customer.

The company’s objective is to keep manufacturers informed of their own dealers’ and retailers’ prices as well as those of  competitor’s products.

There’s basically two flavours of Cosoft’s price watching service. One gathers mobile phones prices from global e-commerce websites on a weekly basis.

For this, the company monitors some 700 global e-commerce websites which cover some 200 different mobile phone brands and around 1,800 models in over 30 countries.

The second version of this service is to gather the TOP Ten most visible mobile phone promotions from global websites to see gauge what the competition is doing.

The fields which this intelligence service covers include: – price (obviously), model, edition, service, colour, memory, Bluetooth, touch screen, GPS, size, resolution, plus display size and pixels.

Cosoft supplied samples of the research it does and surprisingly Poland has the highest number of monitored handset web sites globally. It has 90 while the USA has 42.

The company even gives a price for its standard package of CNY 6,000 per annum which is about £3,200 a year. It also stresses that the information is obtained (and checked) manually rather than being amere ‘screen scraping’ service.

With China rapidly becoming the hub of all handset manufacturing using a Chinese service would  seem logical.