Hacker turns iPhone into Android phone

A hacker has worked out a way of breaking people out of Apple’s walled Garden of Eden of delights.

Hacker David Wang has got the open sauce Android running on the iPhone 3G.

Wang uses dual booting with the OpeniBoot tool to manage the multiboot. It is a little slow because the NAND drivers aren’t optimised yet.

He also had to port UltraSn0w into OpeniBoot to get the radio working, but he did get wi-fi, internet, SMS, and MMS all working on the Android port.

Sadly, it is largely useless, because he couldnt get sound working which means you can’t make or receive phone calls. However, according to the video Wang said he is promising that he’s made major progress in getting the sound fully working.

Apple is unlikely to take too kindly to the news that Wang has got the iPhone past the barbed wire, attack dogs, and minefields which are designed to keep its users locked in.

We expect any day that Jobs Mob will send its tame police force to knock down his door, search his house, steal his computer and finally sue Wang for allowing people to do stuff on a computer they actually own.