Hacked version of Android allows updates

Android users, who are fed up with waiting for their phone maker, or wireless telco,  to upgrade to later versions of the operating system, can avoid waiting by installing a new hack.

One of the biggest problems for Android users is that phone makers have been dragging their feet allowing older models to upgrade to newer versions of the OS.

CyanogenMod has released another version of its Android OS ROM, CyanogenMod version 7.0.

The software replaces the stock ROM which comes with your phone with a new one. This is a tweaked versions of an OS which contains firmware upgrades that come out faster than official updates from the makers of the OS.

All a user has to do is gain root access to the phone, and run the custom ROM on your phone using an app like ROM Manager.

It works on more than 30 devices including the Barnes and Noble Nook Colour and the G-Tablet.

It is available free here

Installing the software allows you to update the keyboard and texting tools. Gone are the days of problems with selecting text for cut and pasting, apparently. You also have more detailed reports on battery use by app. There are also some minor updates including a list of all the apps you’ve downloaded and an update to the camera app which makes it easier to switch between cameras.

As you would expect, the mod provides access to Gingerbread’s better features, including tools for CPU clocking and the ability to install more apps to your phone’s SD card. There are some improvements with the music-playing software that allows you to use the camera button to pause.

What this should be warning hardware makers is that if they don’t pull finger and upgrade the Android fast enough, then someone “out there” will do it for them.