Google to release sub $200 tablet

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn which claims that Google is to release a $199 tablet later this week.

The tablet will be co-branded with Asustek and will be shown off at its developer conference.

The source of the rumour is Bloomberg, which has been talking to its deepthroats in the Googleplex.

Bloomberg thinks that it has confirmed rumors that the search giant plans to launch a tablet at its annual developer conference, which have been doing the rounds in tech blogs for weeks.

It appears that the cheap and cheerful tablet will be a seven inch affair which will run the latest Android version, Jellybean. If that is the case it would appear Google is squaring up for a fight with Microsoft which is also releasing a tablet of its own to showcase its new Windows 8 operating system, not to mention Amazon for the cheaper market.

This would mean that suddenly there is a trend developing with software leaders releasing their own hardware to promote their latest software.

This spikes fears from the suppliers that they are being written out of the equation. Instead the hardware being made by Microsoft and Google is supposed to spur them into signing up to the new technology.