Google to invest heavily in Moto X marketing

Google is planning to spend a whopping $500 million marketing the new Moto X smartphone in the US and overseas.

The Moto X is supposed to be Google’s and Motorola’s tour de force, the first proper flagship Android phone developed jointly by the two outfits since Google took over Motorola Mobility.

Until now, Motorola Mobility and Google were separated by a virtual firewall, as close cooperation might have irked Google’s hardware partners, namely Samsung.

We are still not sure about the Moto X’s specs. It might end up as a mid-range device, while the ultra high-end will be catered to by future Nexus devices.

It will also be Motorola’s first phone with a Made in the USA sticker in years. It will be built by Texans in Fort Worth.

To put Google’s $500 million in perspective, Samsung’s combined marketing budget last year was estimated at $12 billion, but that figure includes a wide range of products, from TVs to Galaxy phones and tablets.

In 2012 Samsung spent $401 million advertising its phones in the US, while Apple spent $333 million peddling the iPhone. Google’s $500 million isn’t out of place, then, but looks like a lot more than the company ever spent on Nexus marketing. 

All major US carriers will offer the device, the WSJ reports.