Google testing secret entertainment device

The word on the street is that enormous search company Google has been testing a secret entertainment device in its employee’s homes.

Mashable said that Google has applied for a US Federal Communications Commission experimental licence to test an unnamed prototype which it says will connect to home electronics through wireless internet and Bluetooth.

The test is to see if the gear works properly and to “reveal real world engineering issues and reliability of networks,” the company said in its application.

The device is still in early stages of development and will be modified after reviewing test results from the 252 of the gizmos.

Little has been disclosed about what the device actually is, but the sound money is on something called Android@Home. This is Google’s technology to control light switches, alarm clocks and other home appliances through Android devices.

It could also be a Google TV, but is not likely to be a puppet show featuring a small dog which is trying to find its way home through a series of Jungian psychological transformations to bring out its inner Doberman.