Google shows off new glass

google-glass-enterprise-editionSearch engine outfit Google has leaked  snaps of the latest incarnation of its Glass project.

Well we say Google did it, actually it sent the device to the FCC to have a look at and it showed it to the world.

It’s is a bit better than the Explorer model from a few years ago. The work-focused eyepiece touts a much better design with both a larger display prism and a hinge that lets you fold it up for travel.

The test photos also reveal a spot for a magnetic battery attachment. We expect that it will have a speedier Atom processor, better battery life, and improved “wireless connectivity”. There is a 5GHz WiFi band for video streaming applications.  The new chip means better heat management.  The FCC filing said that there is also a yet-to-be-seen Google-made external battery pack, which attaches to the device magnetically.

There’s still no word on when Google will announce this headset, although the FCC presence hints that it might not take long. Not that you’ll likely wear this particular model as it is: sources for 9to5Google understand that it’ll only be distributed through Glass for Work companies. You’ll need to wait until more consumer-focused models show up sometime in the future, and there’s no guarantee that they’ll have a ton in common.