Google promises not to screw-over hardware partners

Search engine Google has had to issue another promise not to screw over its hardware partners now that it owns Motorola.

The outfit has just penned a letter to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and other global bodies with the promise. The non-profit ETSI, which has members from 62 countries, produces standards for telephony and internet technologies globally.

Reuters said that Google will licence Motorola technology on fair and reasonable terms.

It quoted a Google spokesperson saying that since it announced its agreement to acquire Motorola Mobility last August, it had heard questions about whether Motorola Mobility’s standard-essential patents will continue to be licensed on FRAND (fair and reasonable) terms once the deal is closed. The answer is that it will.

He said that standards-setting agencies typically require members to offer licensing access to standards or patents on such terms.

It is the second commitment that Google has had to make since it bought Motorola. Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt told reporters in November last year that the group would not favour Motorola once it had completed the acquisition.