Google Glass being banned everywhere

Google’s plan to put a computer on everyone’s face appear to be coming unstuck because the specs can film people.

A cinema chain announced that it is now barring patrons from wearing Google Glass at its movie houses across the US in a bid to clamp down on piracy.

Alamo Drafthouse, which runs movie theatres in Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, Texas, Virginia, and California, is among the first US chains to ban Google’s computerised eyewear.

The move follows a slew of incidents in which wearers of Google Glass have had brushes with the law.

In January the FBI dragged an Ohio man watching Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit from an AMC theatre. The unit was not on and was instead functioning as a pair of prescription glasses. But hey this is the Land of the Free and if the FBI can’t act as the corporate goons for Big Content who can?

Also in January, a California motorist was cited for wearing Google Glass while driving, but she was cleared months later.

Google Glass has also been banned at restaurants, strip clubs, and other venues like casinos.

Pretty soon the devices will be banned before anyone gets a chance to buy them at a reasonable price.