Google gives up on Motorola

The search engine Google has decided that it has sucked all the marrow out of Motorola Mobility and what is left is too much of a liability and it has sold it to Lenovo.

Google bought the handset maker mostly for its patent portfolio which it was planning to use to defend Android from Apple and Microsoft.

Now Larry Page claims that it has managed to create a level playing field for Android, Google was left wondering why it needs a handset maker.

There was much muttering from Google’s partners when it bought the outfit in the first place. They feared that Google would give Motorola all the upgrades and favour it over other hardware partners.

Writing in his bog Larry Page said that while Google was keeping the patents it was going to get rid of Motorola Mobility for $2.91 billion.

Page said that his Motorola team have done a tremendous job reinventing the company and had built some smartphones that consumers love. Both the Moto G and the Moto X are doing really well.

But he said that the smartphone market was super competitive, and Motorola will be better served by Lenovo.

“This move will enable Google to devote our energy to driving innovation across the Android ecosystem, for the benefit of smartphone users everywhere,” Page said.

This did not mean that Google was pulling out of hardware and it was not getting out of the wearable and home markets.

Page said that Lenovo has the expertise and track record to scale Motorola into a major player within the Android egosystem. It has a lot of experience in hardware, and they have global reach.

Lenovo will keep Motorola’s distinct brand identity as it did when they acquired ThinkPad from IBM in 2005.