Google gives Android more voice commands

Search engine outfit Google has given Android more voice commands so that users don’t have to type so much.

Version 2.2 of Android has 10 new voice commands that can be used to operate phones without using a keypad.

Google’s “Voice Actions” tool lets people to dictate their text messages and emails. The voice recognition technology automatically translates the spoken words into text.

Phone calls can be made simply by speaking the name of a person or business. The feature can also find and play songs with spoken commands.

Google says its tests showed Voice Actions was highly accurate, but then since it is a limited number of words we can’t see how it can stuff it up.

Android already has been processing spoken requests for internet searches and directions. Google claims a quarter of its search traffic on Android phones is triggered by the spoken word.

This is quite a large number, as the voice commands were only demoed last week.  It indicates that voice search will be the next big thing.