Google evades Microsoft's import ban

Google said that it has worked out a way to avoid Microsoft’s ban on the importation of Motorola phones.

Vole managed to get ITC backing for a ban on the import of the phones, which it claims breach its patents.

According to Reuters, Motorola Mobility claims it has taken steps to avert an interruption of U.S. imports and sales of its smartphones after the devices were found to infringe on a Microsoft patent.

Motorola Mobility spokeswoman Becki Leonard said in an emailed statement that the company had employed a range of proactive measures to ensure there is no continuing infringement under the ITC’s interpretation of this single Microsoft patent.

It could have removed the meeting-scheduling technology from Atrix, Backflip, Bravo, Charm, Cliq, Cliq 2, Cliq XT, Defy, Devour, Droid 2, Droid 2 Global, Droid Pro, Droid X, Droid X2, Flipout, Flipside, Spice and the Xoom tablets. The software was not that important, and certainly not worth an import ban.

Microsoft accused Motorola Mobility of infringing nine patents. The ITC ruled in May that Motorola Mobility infringed only on one.

The ITC is a popular venue for patent litigation since it has the power to forbid the importation of products that infringe on patents, but if it is as easy to get around as Google appears to have done, it might not be so popular in the future.