Google denies ripping off Apple

Google invented some key Android tech two years before Apple released the iPhone, a court was told this week.

The second Apple v. Samsung patent infringement trial is underway with Cupertino claiming that five of its patents are being infringed upon by devices such as Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Job’s Mob wants $2 billion in damages for the five patents even though they make up a small part of the gizmo’s functionality.

Samsung claims that some of the features it is alleged to have copied from the iPhone were first developed by Google.

Now a key figure in the Android team, Google vice president of Android Hiroshi Lockheimer told the court how it invented some of the technology long before Apple.

He told the court that it was important that Android had its own ideas. The team was very passionate about what it was doing and it tried to make Android very different from iOS. There are “thousands” of features in Android Lockheimer says they all aim for ease of use.

Apple alleges that Samsung’s devices infringe on its quick links feature, for which it holds patent number ‘647. Lockheimer testified that Google engineers actually developed the background synchronizing and quick links feature for Android between 2005 and 2006.

They had a head start on Apple which didn’t launch the original iPhone until 2007. The timing is important for Samsung because on it the argument that these features were first created by Google can be based.

Samsung also plans to call other Google executives including Dianne Hackborn and Cary Clark will testify about operation, design and development of Android quick links, which Apple claims to have invented.

Roping in Google to this trial shows a lot of what Apple’s patent trolling is all about. So far Jobs’ Mob has been going after the suppliers to make them less happy about using Android, but refusing to take on the creator of the software – Google.