Google denies it will enter hardware business

Google has made firm claims that it will not be entering hardware following its Motorola Mobility buy.

It instead indicated that the deal rests upon Google’s desire to build up its patent portfolio. Of course, Google hates patents and does no evil, so we guess this is a necessary evil. A VP once claimed patents are little more than the “right to block someone else from innovating” – but clearly the price tag was justified for the $12 billion purchase.

Google’s mobile boss Andy Rubin says Motorola will run as a separate unit, giving it no “special treatment” according to AllThingsD.  In fact, it will be kept at “arm’s length” with the suggestion that it would be mined for its patents. He said that the buyout should not be seen as Google “entering the hardware business”and that it did not buy Motorola for its hardware.

Industry watchers tell us that Motorola’s portfolio isn’t nearly as strong as Google claims. Useful, but not $12 billion useful.

Could it be that Google is wary of revealing its intentions to mobile partners such as Samsung, which produces some of the flagship hardware for Android?

It appears Google is intent on keeping its cards close to its chest, at least for the moment.