Google boss: Smartphones stole my masculinity

Google co-founder and Google Glasses enthusiast Sergey Brin claims that smartphones are emasculating.

Speaking at the TED conference, Brin seemed to imply that if you use a smartphone you might as well put your family jewels in a blender and that the whole Android thing was a sure way to make real men start eating quiche.

He wants men to start using Google Glasses so that they can kick sand into the faces of nerds everywhere and score themselves a proper woman.

Brin went so far as to say that using smartphones is “emasculating” because they did not show you how to use your body.

Smartphones encourage men to walk around hunched up, looking down, and occasional rub a featureless piece of glass.

He thinks that it is much better to look at the world through Joe 90 style glasses as apparently this will make you ooze with testosterone. Brin did not say what would happen if women wore his magic specs.

Brin’s remarks came after Google announced a pre-release version of the device for $1,500. To apply, would-be Glass owners have to pitch Google on Google+ or Twitter using the hashtag #ifihadglass, Network World reports.

Anyone left out of the pilot program will have a chance to buy Glass later this year when it becomes available, Brin said. The final price tag will be below $1,500 but Brin did not say how much it would cost for males to get their manhood back.