Golden Gekko counts its chickens before they iHatch

A company which claimed to have a comprehensive and low cost mobile app generator, Golden Gekko, appears to have been counting its chickens before they hatched. Three months later there’s still no ability to build iPhone app.

Golden Gekko has spun off its app generator, Tino, as a separate entity with its own web site – Tinomobile.The site boasts about an iPhone app, Crazo, built in time for Xmas by developer, Ustwo.

Android thingieHowever, when Tino was approached by one budding mobile app builder, he was told that the iPhone capability won’t actually be ready until March.
Tino seems to be firmly Java based – which is how the company claims that it can produce Java, Blackberry and Android applications.

Most handsets are capable of running a common form of mobile Java (J2ME) which is how Tino can claims that its apps will run on Nokia, Symbian and Windows Mobile based handsets.

The revelation that Tino isn’t iPhone ready yet will disappoint many budding apps builders given that the common strategy is produce an iPhone app first and follow that with versions for other leading smartphones.

The other drawback to Tino is that there don’t appear to be any APIs – which would enable Tino generated apps to interface with other software running on the mobile phone.

Another claim made when Tino was announced in Novemeber centred on the ability to enable apps to be produced for a mere £100.

This figure appears to be feasible only if you build 60 apps per month. Normally a single app would cost around €1,000 but for that price, you do get all the possible permutations of the app so it will run on the majority of smartphones – except the iPhone, of course.

In Tino’s favour, however, it provides a very straightforward method of building your first mobile app. Something which a novice could feasibly achieve.