GiffGaff network suffers outage

GiffGaff, the O2 supported phone network, has had network problems starting from between 7-8pm and still continuing – but only just acknowledged.

Some members have noted that GiffGaff’s service has been out for over three hours as of 10PM GMT. 

Voice, SMS, and data have all been out for some time, though data seems to have come back at time of publication.

GiffGaff has said: “Sorry – we are still having a few issues with the network we use, members aren’t able to receive / make calls or send texts, members can still receive texts. We’re working on the fix, please bear with us, for updates check the community”.

On Twitter, customer @miimii_Original said: “Giff gaff need to fix their bulls**t network I mean you’re a part of O2 and they’ve been there already why you gotta go down too”, while @hannah_mayhew said: “Giffgaff is a pile of w**k. Send my texts you a**hole!”