Gaming tax breaks bring Activision back to the UK

Activision is setting up a studio in the UK and this one will be working on software for mobile users.

It is a return to the UK for Activision which left this green and pleasant land in January 2011. It had operated the Bizarre Creations studio of Project Gotham and Geometry Wars fame. More than 200 jobs went when Activision walked away mostly because of a problem with tax breaks ending.

Other than owning the UK outfit FreeStyleGames, Activision has not had any involvement in the UK short of lobbying for games development tax breaks earlier this year.

Now that the Treasury reversed its position and approved the policy, Activision is back. To be fair it did say tell UK civil servants that it wanted to hire British talent, it just could not afford it.

The details of Activision’s plan are sketchy.  According to Develop Online, the company has appointed Martyn Brown – a UK games veteran with access and contacts at numerous British studios – to interview, head-hunt and hire talent for the Activision studio. 

Brown is saying nothing about the studio or where it will be set up.  It is a fairly good bet it will be in the North of England.