Galaxy S sells 10 million units in six months

It is starting to look like Apple is getting serious competition for its rubber band powered, magical cracking iPhone four.

Samsung is reporting that it has flogged 10 million of its Androidish Galaxy S’s over the last six months.

The beast went on sale in late June and while it is nothing like the 14.1 million broken iPhone 4 which were sold to unsuspecting punters during the third quarter, it should certainly result in a few questions being asked in the Cappuccino Wolfsschanze this morning.

The Galaxy S is the opposite of the Jobs’ Mob “locked in my walled garden” philosophy. It shows that there is quite a bit of support for a freer approach to the web and Android is leading the way.

Strangely this is exactly the same problem that Steve Jobs faced with the PC. He had the change of giving Gates’ vision a good kicking, but stuffed it up by refusing to let people clone his Apple computers. While the Wintel alliance was never about Freedom, it certainly was freer than Apple.

You would think Steve would learn, however at the moment he is at the apex of his success so he is probably completely blind to the fact he is about to make the same mistake twice.

Another outfit which should worry is RIM. RIM sold 12.1 million phones in the third quarter. It is another proprietary outfit which is losing ground to the more open Android.

Recently beancounters at Nielsen reported that more than 40 percent of U.S. customers purchasing smartphones over the last six months have chosen Android-based phones. Apple only scored 26.9 percent.

The Galaxy S appears to be the flagship of the Android market. It took Samsung a month less to reach the same point with the Galaxy S than Motorola did with its “game changing” Droid . The company said it had sold 1 million in the first 45 days since launch.