Galaxy S and Tab will not get new Android OS

Samsung has angered its Galaxy S smartphone and the 7-inch Galaxy Tab owners by refusing to upgrade the gadgets to run the latest version of Android.

According to its website,  Samsung will not update the two toys to Android 4.0, because it is too much like hardwork to upgrade additional software features on the toys.

The Samsung S and seven inch tab have software like TouchWiz, widgets, video calling and carrier software pack-ins and if they are upgraded to Android 4 they will not have the RAM to run properly.

Many users will be surprised by all this. The Galaxy S, would have expected the 1GHz Hummingbird processor and accompanying memory to be able to handle ICS after all it is the same hardware that runs the Nexus S and it can do Android 4.0.

However Samsung said that the Nexus S only has to run the basic Android OS, whereas the Galaxy S has to deliver TouchWiz, carrier services, video calling software, and, in some markets, mobile TV.

When HTC was in a similar position when upgrading the Desire to Gingerbread it was forced to disable some functions of its own Android skin, Sense, in order to make the upgrade fit.

However many users will be really cross as Ice Cream Sandwich adds a number of new features to devices on the platform, the main one being the unification of the OS for both tablets and smartphones, as well as the addition of software-based buttons that replace the ones that have been physical buttons.