Fujitsu plans mobile Jujitsu

The noble Samurai family Fujitsu, which has been sitting on the sidelines while other IT manufacturers have been battling it out to become the mobile technology Shogun has decided that it wants to join in.

According to Reuters, Fujitsu plans to launch a wide range of smartphone and tablet devices for the first time in Europe.

To be fair Fujitsu is already a large handset and tablet maker in Japan with about a fifth of the market, but few people outside of the Land of the Rising sun even know it makes smartphones and tablets. It was first with tablets but that was a really long time ago.

Reuters did not say when Fujitsu would launch the products in Europe, but said the company is targeting a “double-digit” market share in the next three to five years. This means that it is really going to have to pull its finger out and go hard sell.

It also has to deal with the Japanese curse which has prevented any handset manufactures from the Land of the Rising sun making much dosh from the EU. This is mostly because they tend to make their gear for the Japanese market, which has different requirements from Europe.

Japanese handset makers have struggled to compete in European markets, in part owing to a focus on technology for the domestic market.

According to Reuters deep throats, Fujutsu thinks that its later ranges should work in the EU from a technology and design perspective.

It quotes Robert Pryke, the company’s director for mobile phone business in Europe as saying that Fujutsu was now thinking that it was better to go global with some of its designs.