FT losing interest in Blackberry

The Financial Times, which runs its news on Blackberry, does not think the service will have the same impact in the future.

The FT is a pioneer in the digital publication field and earns a third of its revenue from digital subscriptions.

But now FT.com Managing Director Rob Grimshaw said BlackBerry, made by Research In Motion, is was now fourth in terms of priority for developing the FT’s applications.

Windows 8, which has not been released yet, is number 3.

Grimshaw said that BlackBerry smartphones will become less important for executives as BlackBerry loses market share to devices from Apple and Google.

Speaking at the Reuters Global Media and Technology Summit in New York, Grimshaw said that the FT would do something with Rim, but it’s becoming less and less important in the FT world.

Last summer FT.com declined to place its app in the Apple iTunes Store and instead developed a Web-based app, in order to sidestep Apple’s control of user data and revenue-share terms.

He said that the move had not hurt its ability to attract digital readers. He pointed out that the FT had been publishing since 1883. It didn’t need Apple to tell people it was here.

The FT has 285,000 digital subscribers, nearly half of its total readership. Grimshaw expects the FT will derive 50 percent of its revenue from digital in the next three to four years.