Froyo is for smartphones, not for tablets

LG has revealed why it has put the launch of the Android-based tablet device on ice this year.

Apparently it is because Froyo can’t manage tablets and LG is waiting for Google to come up with something better.

The move means that the third version of Android, codenamed Gingerbread, will be more tablet-friendly.

Google mobile products director Hugo Barra has admitted that Android is not optimised for tablets and that third-party applications would not run properly on such devices.

However Google’s compatibility program manager Dan Morrill insists that Android’s support for multiple screen sizes means that most software will work acceptably well.

LG said that it is in talks with Google to decide on the most suitable version for its tablet, but Froyo 2.2 is not it.

Gingerbread has been rumoured as being on the design board for some time. It was supposed to come with better support for tablets and an improved user interface. However it is also late. It was should have been released this month, but there’s no sign that it’s about to appear.

Motorola, which is Google’s launch partner for Gingerbread, also similarly put its Android tablet plans on ice waiting for the new platform.